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When you need to get a tree removed from your property, you have to employ a company that you can trust. Taking down a tree, especially a large one, takes a great deal of care to make sure that it is completely safe. When you hire Eldridge Arborist, you never need to worry about issues, since our team is made up of licensed arborists with decades of combined experience between them. We have successfully removed trees from properties all over the state of North Carolina and done so without damaging the properties where they are located. On top of removing trees that are still standing, we also have the skills to deal with fallen trees.

As native North Carolinians, we understand that a storm can cause a great deal of damage beyond flooding. Too often, old trees are knocked down, leading to dangerous situations. They can land across driveways and walkways, blocking their use, or in the worst scenarios, fall directly onto homes. If an unfortunate situation like this has befallen you, reach out to our team for immediate help.
We offer a 24-hour emergency tree removal service so that you never need to wait and leave a dangerous situation unresolved. We know the best practices to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely so that there is far less to worry about once we leave. Whether it’s a lightning strike, rot damage, or anything in between, we can clean up the mess left behind by storms with ease.
While Eldridge Arborist & Landscaping can remove unwanted trees on your property with ease, we also have the skills needed to properly trim trees. Our licensed arborists can spot areas that need pruning and take care of problems with surgical precision.

When we are done, your trees will not only look better but be healthier and safer too!


Why regular tree pruning is important

Here are just a few of the things that tree trimming can address:
  • Removing Branches that Pose a Risk of Falling  Sometimes the branches way up high in your trees can be incredibly dangerous. If they are too heavy, they may crack and fall. They also could be rotting slowly, which will lead to them losing structural integrity and toppling over time. Our team can spot these problem branches and remove them before accidents happen.
  • Keeping Branches Away from Important Elements of Your Property  Our expert tree trimming service allows you to keep branches clear of collision with power lines, garages, driveways, and buildings. This will ensure that nothing on your property gets damaged from your trees.
  • Tree Health  Just like pruning your shrubs or cutting your lawn, scheduled trimming can promote growth and overall tree health.
  • Appearance  Least important but still an important aspect of trimming is the clean appearance we can give your trees. Regular trimming can shape them to be more aesthetically pleasing.
We suggest that on top of one-time trimming to deal with problematic branches, you have regular maintenance done every 3 to 5 years to keep your trees in optimal health.
Tree Stump
Stump grinding is a fast and easy way to take care of rotting, unsightly stumps taking up space in your yard. Whether you have stumps that have been left behind from other tree work in the past or they are created during the process of our tree removal services, we would be happy to clean them up for you.

The benefits of choosing stump grinding over stump removal...

Stump grinding is not the same as stump removal as it does not completely remove a stump from the ground. The process involves reducing a stump in the ground into wood chips, using those chips to fill in the resulting hole, and allowing those chips to decompose, enriching the surrounding soil and aiding gardens to flourish.
Stump grinding carries many benefits, as it is far less time- and labor-intensive than a full stump removal that rips out all the roots along with the stump. It is an environmentally friendly option for the existing ecosystem in your yard because the roots that remain in the ground after a stump grinding procedure eventually decompose on their own, adding nutrients to the soil and helping grass and gardens flourish. Last but not least, you never need to worry about a tripping hazard, since the hole left behind by a stump grinding job will be filled in right away with wood chips!
Stump Grinding

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