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Although Eldridge Arborist is known for our expertise with tree care, our knowledge extends to all different aspects of outdoor natural spaces as well. For many years, our team has been helping customers in a 30-mile radius around Oak Ridge, NC, with arborist care services, including tree care, trimming, and removal.

Tree-removal by Crane - Why?

At Eldridge Arborist, we believe efficiency is imperative when it comes to landscaping your lawn. That's why we've implemented the use of cranes for tree-removal.
What are the benefits of removing a tree by crane?
Using a crane to remove trees can help us remove tall trees, reach otherwise inaccessible areas, remove trees faster, and make sure the safety of others remains paramount.
Exactly how will we remove your tree by crane?
We will park, stabilize, and level a crane at our job site. The amount of time this takes will depend on the size of the tree we are removing and where it is located.
Our crew will then use the crane to lift someone into the tree if it is durable enough. While on the tree, this person will attach a sturdy cable to the tree to help facilitate the removal of the tree. The crane will remove the designated part of the tree to be removed.
That piece of tree that is removed will be cut into finer pieces of wood through a chipper, and this process will be repeated until the entire tree is removed.
Let us help you remove your tree!
This method of removing a tree via crane can help us access trees in densely populated areas and in places that may be more difficult to reach. This also allows us to remove the tree safely without harming others.
If removing a tree on your property in Kernersville, NC interests you, please contact Elridge Aborist today to see how we can help remove your tree!

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