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A Guide to Residential Tree Removal Services

Trees are desirable property additions since they offer shade and insulation in addition to enhancing curb appeal. However, there are times when tree removal services become necessary to eliminate a diseased, dying, dead, or storm-damaged specimen. The process can be complicated, so here's a closer look at the factors involved in setting up removal.

Are Insurance and Permits Necessary to Remove a Tree?

Insurance is an essential component of hiring a tree removal service, as it prevents you from paying for property damage or worker injuries out of pocket. While insured and bonded tree experts take every precaution, accidents can happen.

Insurance provides the peace of mind necessary for successful removal projects. Additionally, if your tree’s location requires closing the street while the work is underway, the company will obtain the necessary permits from the local government.

Is a Crane Needed?

A crane streamlines a removal project, allowing the team to deal with tall trees and those in relatively inaccessible areas, such as near power lines, quickly and safely. If the tree is strong enough, the crane is used to lift a worker so that they can attach a nylon strap or steel cable to each section before it's cut. The crane then carries the cut segment to safety, and the process is repeated until the entire tree has been removed.

How Should You Prepare?

It's important to clear the surrounding area of all lawn equipment, decor, and furniture so that the team can work without worrying about tripping hazards or damaging your property. Vehicles should be parked outside the driveway and far enough down the street to leave ample parking room for the work crew. Let your neighbors know about the project as well, as they might want to stay out of the neighborhood that day.

It's also wise to decide ahead of time how you want to deal with the remaining stump. Stump grinding services eliminate the stump down to 6 inches beneath the soil line. The roots remain in the ground, but the cost is relatively low with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape.

Stump removal costs more than grinding because it eliminates the entire remnant, including all roots. It reduces the risk of pests being attracted to the buried stump but leaves a sizable gap in your yard. You can choose to backfill the hole with soil or plant new greenery.

If you need tree removal services, turn to the experts at Eldridge Arborist & Landscaping. These fully licensed, bonded, and insured arborists offer crane services, safe removal, and stump grinding and removal methods in Oak Ridge, NC, and the surrounding communities. Call (336) 423-7133 today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the company.

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