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3 Benefits of Hiring a Tree Removal Service Equipped with a Crane

In many cases, tree service providers need only basic equipment like chainsaws, ladders, and climbing equipment to meet their customers’ needs. However, leading tree removal specialists realize that the use of heavier equipment can produce safer, more effective results. In particular, a crane can be a significant aid in the process. Here's a closer look at how you'll benefit from hiring a company that has the expertise to utilize this specialized machine.

How a Crane Helps the Tree Removal Process

1. Enhanced Safety

The leading advantage of crane usage in tree services is safety. In a standard removal, a tree specialist can climb a tree and carefully cut away limbs and sections of a trunk.

However, when a tree has been affected by disease or storm damage, this approach may destabilize it, increasing the risk of injury and property damage and making safe climbing impossible. Using a crane, specialists can remove trees largely intact without risk to bystanders or nearby trees or structures.

2. Greater Efficiency

Cranes are far more capable of lifting heavy loads than individual humans armed with tools. While an experienced arborist can quickly cut apart and remove segments of a tree, this approach can take several hours, during which two or more shifts may be needed as a team becomes tired.

A crane, on the other hand, can lift loads many times greater than what a human is capable of in just minutes. This equates to less time spent on your property, allowing the cleanup process to begin sooner.

3. Lower Costs

Greater efficiency may also result in lower costs for tree removal services. Because the rates for many tree services are calculated based on the number of hours needed to complete the job, labor-intensive and complex work tends to be more expensive. With a crane, an arborist can quickly remove whole trees in short periods of time, potentially saving you money as well as time.

When you’re in need of tree removal, turn to the experts at Eldridge Arborist & Landscaping in Oak Ridge, NC. These fully licensed and bonded arborists use advanced professional equipment, including cranes, to remove problematic trees from area properties with minimal mess, risk, and cost. Call (336) 423-7133 to schedule an assessment or request a free quote.


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